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Recent posts from the blog:

Preach the Word

When Pastors Do This, It Drives Me Crazy

I listen to a lot of preaching because I believe I can learn from everyone. Good or bad. Recently I listened to a pastor who began his sermon with a passage of scripture. He read through the entire passage. I expected that the remainder of the sermon would expound upon this text and apply it to […]

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7 Ways Senior Pastors Can Keep Teenagers Listening To Their Sermons

7 Ways Senior Pastors Can Keep Teenagers Listening To Their Sermons

A few months ago a 13-year-old girl approached me after I preached, and excitedly proclaimed, “Good sermon. I actually paid attention to your whole message! I didn’t get bored once!” My first thought was, “Thank you Jesus! I have witnessed a miracle! A 13-year-old girl’s fleeting attention was held by a sermon over 30 minutes.” But then I thought, […]

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Why pastors should read audio books

Why Pastors Should Read Audio Books

So many books, so little time. Do you ever feel this way? I firmly believe that all good leaders are readers. Leaders must constantly be learning and reading in order to grow and stay current. If you are a pastor, you need to be reading even more to keep your sermons from continually recycling stale content. […]

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pastor PMS pre message syndrome

5 Tips For Managing Pastoral PMS (Pre Message Syndrome)

It’s that time again. You are irritable. You are over emotional. The smallest little thing can set you off. Your family is walking on eggshells around you in fear that they might wake the angry lion. You have a bad case of PMS – Pre Message Syndrome. You are not alone. All pastors get it. I […]

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Mother’s Day Sermon Ideas

I am studying this week for a Mother’s Day Sermon I will be preaching. When I start the message prep process, I always begin with prayer and then find a text in the Bible that I will preach. Since I am preaching on Mother’s Day, I did a study on all the passages of scripture that […]

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free church texting

Google Voice For The Glory Of God – A Free Church Texting Solution

I did something different last Sunday that was highly successful. I preached a sermon calling qualified people to step up and serve in a specific ministry. The sermon wasn’t different, but the way I asked them to respond was. In the past, I have used cards in the bulletin or sign up sheets in the lobby. But we are living in […]

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