Pastor, Don’t Quit

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Photo Credit: Michael Dawes via Compfight cc Early this summer my family and I took a trip to the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. We spent a whole week sitting and playing with our kids on the beach. It was a great, much-needed vacation… except for one part. My wife and I signed [...]

5 Ways Pastors Can Take Advantage of Summer

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Photo Credit: esther** via Compfight cc The summer months are coming soon. In most churches, that means lower attendance. With lower attendance comes a bit of a slower pace of ministry. Some churches try to fight this. But maybe, instead of fighting the summer, you should embrace it. Here are a few ways [...]

How to Control Your Schedule to Make Time for Your Number One Task

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From Brandon: The following is a guest post from Thomas Manzke, pastor at Central Christian Church in Valparaiso, IN. You can read more from Thomas at It is 5:00pm Saturday night; you still have a sermon to write. You have done your study for the sermon but there is nothing that remotely looks like [...]

Do You Make This One Common Preaching Mistake?

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One of the most common mistakes that preachers make is too much time behind a desk.¬†Preachers do need time for study and sermon prep along with balancing the many demands of pastoral ministry. But if preachers never get away from the desk, they will soon lose touch with people. “Many a preacher misses the mark [...]

You Don’t Have Time Not to Read

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Readers are leaders. Leaders are learners. You have probably heard that phrase before. As a leader you should never be done growing, learning and improving. You need to develop an insatiable appetite for life-long learning. And today, with the internet and the vast amount of books that are only a click away, we have no [...]

7 Questions Every Preacher Must Ask Them Self

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The best way to learn and grow is to ask good questions. Here are 7 Bible-based questions that every preacher needs to ask them self. Bonus: If you really want honest answers and are feeling brave, ask your spouse or a trusted friend to answers these questions about you. 1. Who am I really trying [...]