How to Preach One Big Idea Without Forcing It

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Last week I released my new and improved book Preaching Nuts & Bolts on Amazon. It even rose up to #1 on the best sellers list. Wow! The response so far has been phenomenal! I owe a HUGE thank you to everyone who grabbed a copy, and especially those who wrote a review. It means [...]

10 Things Pastors Should Learn From TED Talks

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Have you ever watched a really good TED talk? Like this one, this one, or this one. TED talks are some of the best presentations on the planet. The idea of a great TED talk becomes viral. As pastors, I believe we communicate the most important "idea" ever. If we want to reach our culture, we [...]

Why Pastors Should Go On More Walks

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Photo Credit: _Hadock_ via Compfight cc Many pastors have a sitting problem. We sit 90% of the day. We sit while writing sermons. We sit while answering email. We sit while making phone calls. We sit in meetings. We sit while counseling people. We sit at restaurants. We sit driving to work. We [...]

4 Steps to Mastering Your To-Do List

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Photo Credit: Courtney Dirks via Compfight cc Ministry is never finished. There is so much to do. And there is always more to be done! You could always study more, pray more, plan more, email more, Facebook more, meet more, write more… more. more. more. If you aren’t careful, your to-do list can [...]

How to Handle Distractions While Preaching

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Photo Credit: kennymatic via Compfight cc What is the most distracting thing that has ever happened to you while preaching? For me it was when I was a youth pastor at a church in New Mexico. I was preaching to a group of high school students. In the middle of my message, a [...]

Preaching Quote #10 – J.H. Jowett

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I love this quote from The Preacher: His Life and Work by J.H. Jowett "I have a conviction that no sermon is ready for preaching, not ready for writing out, until we can express its theme in a short, pregnant sentence as clear as a crystal. I find the getting of that sentence is the [...]