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things I wish I knew before becoming a pastor

20 Things I Wish I Knew Before Becoming a Pastor

Let’s cut the fluff and get real for a moment. Being a pastor is incredibly difficult. The church is often guilty of only painting a picture of the wonderful blessings of being called to ministry—like it only gets better day after day. We somehow forget to talk about the suffering involved. Did we forget, or […]

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Wedding sermon and ceremony script

Wedding Sermon and Ceremony Script

One of my greatest joys as a pastor is the honor of officiating weddings. I will never forget the first wedding I ever performed. I was clueless about what to say. I had no idea what a wedding should even look like. Thankfully, I had some mentors who were able to point me in the […]

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10 Reasons I Am Thankful To Be A Pastor

Sometimes I complain about being a pastor. There are times when I have Elijah moments. I feel depressed and whine to God about how I don’t have the strength to keep going. I think, if we are honest, we would admit that most of us have felt this way about ministry. Ministry is difficult! It can be […]

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2 year anniversary

2 Years of ProPreacher

Wow, has it really been two years already? Two years ago I had a crazy idea to start a blog about preaching. I had no idea what would happen or if anyone would actually read it, but I had some thoughts that I wanted to clarify and some ideas I had to share. When I first […]

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audience engagement

5 Ways to Improve Audience Engagement

Is your audience boring? Do they respond to your preaching? Do they laugh at jokes? Do they say “Amen.” Do they ever clap their hands? Are they leaning in to listen? Are they taking notes? You may think the problem is your people, but I want to propose something different here: If your audience is dull, […]

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Pastor, Don’t Quit

Early this summer my family and I took a trip to the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. We spent a whole week sitting and playing with our kids on the beach. It was a great, much-needed vacation… except for one part. My wife and I signed up for paddle board lessons. Paddle boards are like […]

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