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let scripture speak

Let Scripture Speak for Itself

A while back I visited a church in my area (I love sitting in on other churches to observe and learn). The pastor was a great preacher. His sermon was engaging, clear, and spot on. However, I walked away feeling a little uneasy. This may be a personal preference. I am not saying the way […]

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curse of knowledge

How the Curse of Knowledge Kills Communication

A Stanford University study in 1990 discovered a principle that deeply affects all of our communication. The psychology experiment, led by a grad student named Elizabeth Newton, assigned groups of two people to play a simple game. One person would be the tapper. The other would be the listener. The tapper was asked to pick a simple […]

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sticky sermon

6 Principles of Sticky Sermons

What makes a sticky sermon? What makes a message have staying power? As preachers, it should be our goal to teach sticky messages. We want our audience to remember the sermon. Nobody wants to spend hours every week to prepare a message that nobody remembers. So, what makes a sermon sticky? Chip and Dan Heath, […]

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sermon math

Bad Sermon Math – 4 Ways We Misuse the Bible

Are you guilty of bad sermon math? No, I’m not talking about actual math. By sermon math I mean applying some form of change on the scripture you preach. Let me explain what I mean. There are four types of sermon math that will get you in trouble every time. + Addition Addition happens in […]

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Charles Spurgeon Quote

If You Aren’t Preaching Jesus, You Aren’t Done Preaching

Is your preaching Jesus-centered? Charles Spurgeon once said about his preaching, “Whatever subject I preach, I do not stop until I reach the Savior, the Lord Jesus, for in Him are all things.” If your sermon never points to Jesus it’s not sermon; it’s just a talk. It is incomplete. Many pastors stand before a […]

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