Don’t Be Another Cheap Imitation Preacher

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Years ago I bought a pair of knock-off Oakley sunglasses while on a mission trip in Mexico. I thought they were cool. They looked almost exactly like real Oakley sunglasses, but were only a fraction of the cost. Photo Credit: Mark Vegas cc I wore those beauties every day for [...]

Pastors, Seek to Be Faithful… Not Famous

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Too many pastors get sidetracked trying to become famous. They want to be the next big conference speaker. They want to have the next big mega church. They want to be just like their pastor idols. Their focus is all wrong. Photo Credit: Charles Knowles cc Instead of trying to [...]

How to Preach Like No One Else

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Do you want to preach like no one else? Then stop trying so hard to preach like somebody else? Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love listening to great preaching! I am currently subscribed to 18 church podcasts (I recommend Downcast). I never miss a good message from preaching giants like Andy Stanley, Rick Warren, Mark [...]