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Recent posts from the blog:

curse of knowledge

How the Curse of Knowledge Kills Communication

A Stanford University study in 1990 discovered a principle that deeply affects all of our communication. The psychology experiment, led by a grad student named Elizabeth Newton, assigned groups of two people to play a simple game. One person would be the tapper. The other would be the listener. The tapper was asked to pick a simple […]

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remember names

The 5 “R”s to Remembering Names of Everybody You Meet

You walk into the hall after church. A young man bounces up to you and starts talking like he has known you forever. He looks familiar, but you can’t remember his name to save your life. Sound familiar? Remembering names is hard! If half the people in your church knew your dirty little secret – […]

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preaching nuts & bolts

New Book Available Now! The Essential Guide to Sermon Prep

If you battle the weekly grind of sermon prep, this book is for you! Preaching Nuts & Bolts: The Essential Guide to Sermon Prep is a practical guide to getting better at the art of sermon preparation. This 100+ page eBook is a quick read, jam-packed with practical advice from some of my best articles […]

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sticky sermon

6 Principles of Sticky Sermons

What makes a sticky sermon? What makes a message have staying power? As preachers, it should be our goal to teach sticky messages. We want our audience to remember the sermon. Nobody wants to spend hours every week to prepare a message that nobody remembers. So, what makes a sermon sticky? Chip and Dan Heath, […]

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Preaching Nuts & Bolts: the essential guide to sermon prep

Excited to Announce The Coming Release of My First Book…

  After months of hard work, I am excited to announce that the very first Pro Preacher eBook, Preaching Nuts & Bolts: The Essential Guide to Sermon Prep, is almost here! The cover art is done and the final edits are being made! This book is a culmination of some of my best articles (updated, edited […]

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propresenter mac app

The Absolute Best Mac Apps for Pastors

What are the best Mac Apps for pastors? I have been working on a Mac since 2007. It seems like almost every pastors I know has now made the switch to an Apple computer. If you are like me, whether you are on a MacBook, or an iMac, you are always on the lookout for the […]

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