sermon illustration on grace

The Rich Father’s Art Auction

When we come to  faith in Jesus Christ, we receive more than salvation.  We also receive an inheritance from God. A man died who was extremely wealthy. His will was full of art pieces—very expensive art pieces. This man had a son who had died before him, a son whom he loved, and this son […]

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sermon illustration on attitude

The Next Mile

Trying to do something big is intimidating. A lot of people fail before they begin because they think the task is too big for them. But what if we just focused on one small thing at a time that is needed to accomplish the big thing? Eric Sevareid, a well-known war-time correspondent and author, told Reader’s […]

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sermon illustration on discipleship

The Shepherd’s Voice

When God speaks, do you recognize his voice? My friend Roy tells a fascinating story about a trip to Palestine some years back. One afternoon, he stood on a ridge overlooking a long, narrow gorge. Below him, the gorge opened out into rolling grass- covered pasture lands. A single trail meandered down the length of […]

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sermon illustration on purpose

Winchester Mystery House

Without a purpose for your life or ministry, you will have a lot of activity with little progress. Nestled in the suburbs of San Jose, California, is an interesting tourist attraction: an estate built by the heir of the Winchester rifle fortune. In 1884, a wealthy widow named Sarah L. Winchester began a thirty-eight-year construction project guided […]

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