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Recent posts from the blog:

mark driscoll and mars hill church controversy

5 Lessons From The Mark Driscoll and Mars Hill Church Controversy

Let me be clear.  I am not here to cast stones. I don’t know all the details about Mark Driscoll and Mars Hill Church, so I am not going to make any snap judgements. All I know about Mark Driscoll is a few brief interactions and what I have read about him and from him. […]

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leaders get messy

Why Good Leaders Get Messy

Recently I was at a high school church camp. The last two days of camp we had some bad weather. Heavy rain forced the camp to shut down most of the outdoor recreation. Although the rain was pouring, it didn’t stop the crazy high school students from playing in the rain, and jumping in the mud. […]

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break it then build it

Preach To Break Then Build

I have a friend who is really into rebuilding old cars. It is an art form to take a rusted out car from the scrap heap or auction lot and restore it to better than new condition. He once told me that when you rebuild a car, you don’t just add the parts that are […]

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pastors walk

Why Pastors Should Go On More Walks

Many pastors have a sitting problem. We sit 90% of the day. We sit while writing sermons. We sit while answering email. We sit while making phone calls. We sit in meetings. We sit while counseling people. We sit at restaurants. We sit driving to work. We sit in Bible studies. Some of us even […]

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Pastor, Don’t Quit

Early this summer my family and I took a trip to the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. We spent a whole week sitting and playing with our kids on the beach. It was a great, much-needed vacation… except for one part. My wife and I signed up for paddle board lessons. Paddle boards are like […]

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