attitude sermon illustration

Greatest Pitcher In The World

Your attitude changes how you see the world. When you look at something, do you first see the positive or the negative? Are you a glass-half-full or a glass-half-empty kind of person? Maybe you need to change your perspective. A boy, playing baseball alone, was heard to say, “I’m the greatest hitter in the world.” He […]

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productivity tips for pastors

15 Productivity Tips for Pastors

The work of ministry is never done. There is always more you could do. More people you could meet with. More sermons to write. More emails to answer. More outreach opportunities. More. More. More. Productivity matters for pastors. You will never be able to do everything, but the Bible encourages us to be wise and […]

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how to preach without notes

How to Preach Without Notes – 3 Simple Steps

How do you preach without notes? I wrote earlier about some of the benefits to preaching without notes. But, as some readers mentioned, the question remains: How does a person actually go about doing this? What are the steps, tips, and tricks to preach without notes? Here are the three things you absolutely must do to […]

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sermon illustration on prayer

God Answers Prayer and Heals an Aneurysm

The Bible tells us to pray for healing. We may not always experience a miraculous healing, but we never know when God will answer in a powerful way. There are countless stories of answered prayers that doctors cannot explain. Here is one example: Shortly after we started praying for people in public in our services, […]

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preaching without notes

7 Benefits of Preaching Without Notes

Growing up, I never wanted to be a pastor because public speaking was one of my biggest fears. If I were to have ranked my worst fears in order, it would have been: Girls Public speaking Death Speaking to girls My first sermon was terrible. I hid behind the biggest podium I could find, clutching […]

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