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Recent posts from the blog:

pastor PMS pre message syndrome

5 Tips For Managing Pastoral PMS (Pre Message Syndrome)

It’s that time again. You are irritable. You are over emotional. The smallest little thing can set you off. Your family is walking on eggshells around you in fear that they might wake the angry lion. You have a bad case of PMS – Pre Message Syndrome. You are not alone. All pastors get it. I […]

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Mother’s Day Sermon Ideas

I am studying this week for a Mother’s Day Sermon I will be preaching. When I start the message prep process, I always begin with prayer and then find a text in the Bible that I will preach. Since I am preaching on Mother’s Day, I did a study on all the passages of scripture that […]

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free church texting

Google Voice For The Glory Of God – A Free Church Texting Solution

I did something different last Sunday that was highly successful. I preached a sermon calling qualified people to step up and serve in a specific ministry. The sermon wasn’t different, but the way I asked them to respond was. In the past, I have used cards in the bulletin or sign up sheets in the lobby. But we are living in […]

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pastor losing weight

3 Ways Losing Weight Has Made Me A Better Pastor

One of my big goals this year is to lose weight and be healthier. After having a new baby, moving to a new state, and transitioning to a new job, I looked in the mirror one morning and realized I was about 40 pounds overweight. If you are overweight or have ever been there, it’s not a fun realization to […]

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Christmas Service

5 Keys To A Great Christmas Sermon

For a church, Christmas Eve services are typically one of the highest attended days of the year. A great message is absolutely essential on such a big day. This may be the only time many of these people will give your church a chance. This may be the last time you get to speak to them […]

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10 Reasons I Am Thankful To Be A Pastor

Sometimes I complain about being a pastor. There are times when I have Elijah moments. I feel depressed and whine to God about how I don’t have the strength to keep going. I think, if we are honest, we would admit that most of us have felt this way about ministry. Ministry is difficult! It can be […]

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