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preaching poll

POLL: What Preaching Resource Do You Need?

As ProPreacher.com heads into its third year, I was thinking about how I might be able to make this website more helpful to you. Last year, I wrote an eBook that many have found helpful. This year, I want to begin working on another helpful resource. I have a few ideas, but limited time. So rather […]

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2 year anniversary

2 Years of ProPreacher

Wow, has it really been two years already? Two years ago I had a crazy idea to start a blog about preaching. I had no idea what would happen or if anyone would actually read it, but I had some thoughts that I wanted to clarify and some ideas I had to share. When I first […]

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audience engagement

5 Ways to Improve Audience Engagement

Is your audience boring? Do they respond to your preaching? Do they laugh at jokes? Do they say “Amen.” Do they ever clap their hands? Are they leaning in to listen? Are they taking notes? You may think the problem is your people, but I want to propose something different here: If your audience is dull, […]

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books i am excited to read

10 Books I Am Excited To Read

Leaders are readers. Although it can be time consuming, you actually save time by reading. Nothing has accelerated my own personal and spiritual growth as a pastor as much as reading. So what are you excited about reading right now? Here are a ten books I am excited to read. I just picked these up and cannot […]

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