Do Less Better: The Secret to Being More Productive

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What if the secret to productivity is doing less, not more? We have more distractions than ever before. We have to manage multiple social media accounts, check our email, reply to text messages, and navigate the ability to always be connected and work anywhere anytime because of the powerful computers in our pockets that we call [...]

God Never Changes: How God’s Unchangeableness Changes Us

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We live in a world of constant change. Technology is advancing at a more rapid pace than ever before. Things once considered immoral in our society are now not only legal but celebrated. All around us, people make thousands of choices every day that either directly or indirectly affect us. It can all be overwhelming. [...]

7 Reasons Jesus Might Be Fired From Your Church

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Some pastors get fired for a good reason. They had a moral failing and no longer lived up to the requirements of 1 Tim 3:1-7. But I've known a lot of faithful men and women working in churches who were let go for lesser reasons. They... Didn't grow the ministry fast enough. Didn't fit a specific [...]

The 5 Styles of Preachers—Which Are You?

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If you wanted to write the great American novel, you’d probably read a lot of Hemmingway or Twain. If you wanted to be a great painter, you’d study the masterpieces of Rembrandt or Picasso. And if you want to be a great preacher, it’s no different: you’ll study the masters. As I continue to grow [...]

Help Me Decide My New Preaching Book’s Cover

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I need your help. I've been working hard for the last four months, and I'm in the final stages of editing my new book called, Preach and Deliver: Captivate Your Audience, Kill Bad Habits, and Master the Art of Sermon Delivery. It's a natural follow-up to my book, Preaching Nuts & Bolts: Conquer Sermon Prep, [...]