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sermon illustration on purpose

Winchester Mystery House

Without a purpose for your life or ministry, you will have a lot of activity with little progress. Nestled in the suburbs of San Jose, California, is an interesting tourist attraction: an estate built by the heir of the Winchester rifle fortune. In 1884, a wealthy widow named Sarah L. Winchester began a thirty-eight-year construction project guided […]

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sermon illustration on faith

The Law of the Pendulum

What you truly believe is shown more through your actions than you words. In college I was asked to prepare a lesson to teach to my speech class. We were graded on our creativity and ability to drive home a point in a memorable way. The title of my talk was, “The Law of the […]

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sermon illustration on stress

Children Suffer From Secondhand Stress

Does our busyness negatively impact our children? In the “Ask the Children” survey, researcher Ellen Galinsky interviewed more than a thousand children in grades three through twelve and asked parents to guess how kids would respond. One key question asked the kids what one thing they would change about the way their parents’ work was […]

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sermon illustration on giving

Rockefeller Tithes

If we don’t make a habit of tithing when we are poor, would we really tithe if we were rich? In his book The Little Red Book of Wisdom, author Mark DeMoss tells a story about John D. Rockefeller. The Standard Oil founder, who died in 1937, was one of the world’s richest business barons. […]

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sermon illustration on doubt

Doubting God Because of Broken World

Since the world is broken, can God really exist? A woman I know named Sheryl went to a salon to have her nails manicured. As the beautician began to work, they began to have a good conversation about many subjects. When they eventually touched on God, the beautician said, “I don‟t believe God exists.” “Why […]

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sermon illustration on grace

Vomit Hug

God does not love us based on our performance; he loves us based on our position as his children. Since Charisse was about six months old, I’ve made it a weekly habit to allow Lucretia to sleep in while I take care of our daughter. I get my daughter out of bed, get her dressed, […]

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