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Sermon Evaluation Form

Free Sermon Evaluation Form – Get Help To Get Better

There is no such thing as a perfect sermon. No matter how much preaching experience you have, you can always improve. The best preachers are those who stay humble and hungry to get better. How do you evaluate your sermons? You can and should critique your own message, but I have found that the eyes of others […]

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The Most Ignored Priority In Preaching Today

There is one action that has the potential to improve your preaching skills more than anything else. Unfortunately it is totally ignored by most pastors. Can you guess what it is? Here’s a hint: You do it every time you listen to someone else preach. But most preachers rarely put it to use when they […]

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Preach It

7 Characteristics of Effective Preaching

For many years I have obsessed over studying great preaching and preachers. They are all different. All have their own unique style and approach to delivering a message. However, there are 7 characteristics that they all have in common. 1. Preach with Borrowed Authority The best preachers do not preach from their own authority, but […]

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10 Steps to Becoming a Better Preacher

PREACH the Bible. PREACH it again. PREACH it again after that. PREACH when people like it. PREACH when people don’t. PREACH when they listen. PREACH when they don’t. PREACH when you are energized. PREACH when you are tired. Don’t stop PREACHING. (more…)

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42/365 Der Bücherschrank

The Best Books on Preaching

What are the best books on preaching you have read? If you want to improve your preaching, there is no better way to start by reading every good preaching book you can get your hands on. Yes, you need a lot of practice. You have to get out there and learn from both good and […]

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