40 Reasons to Be Thankful for Pastors

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No pastor is perfect. Some pastors have given the title a bad name. But for the most part, from my experience, the majority of pastors I have met are sincerely doing their best to follow Jesus and remain faithful to their call. For that, we owe them our gratitude. Just think about all the ways [...]

5 Things Great Preachers Do To Gain An Advantage

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We look at the preaching giants of history in awe and wonder. How did they do it? They speak with golden tongues, dispensing endless pearls of wisdom. It’s almost like they could do no wrong—like they could fart on stage and three people would give their lives to Christ! Why can’t we preach like that? [...]

10 Books I Am Excited To Read

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Photo Credit: ginnerobot via Compfight cc Leaders are readers. Although it can be time consuming, you actually save time by reading. Nothing has accelerated my own personal and spiritual growth as a pastor as much as reading. So what are you excited about reading right now? Here are a ten books I am excited to [...]

The Best Books on Preaching

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What are the best books on preaching you have read? If you want to improve your preaching, there is no better way to start by reading every good preaching book you can get your hands on. Yes, you need a lot of practice. You have to get out there and learn from both good and [...]