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Swallowed In The Sea

Tremble & Rejoice

The following is a guest post by Adam Tisdale, Pastor of North Hills Church in Meridianville, AL. Adam blogs at helpmyunbelief.wordpress.com about the intersection of his faith and his cancer. “Man plans, God laughs”  (Yiddish Proverb) I’m not preaching this week, but that wasn’t my original plan. And I tend to love my plans. I wonder if God laughs at […]

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Preach It

7 Characteristics of Effective Preaching

For many years I have obsessed over studying great preaching and preachers. They are all different. All have their own unique style and approach to delivering a message. However, there are 7 characteristics that they all have in common. 1. Preach with Borrowed Authority The best preachers do not preach from their own authority, but […]

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How Senior Pastors Can Engage Youth During Their Sermons

This is a guest post by James Blewett, the owner and operator of youth-sermons.com and author of the book Can I Get Baptized in Fruit Punch. 60-80% of Christian teenagers are abandoning their faith after graduation before they finish their Freshman year of college. We have all heard this statistic in many different ways and forms with […]

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Preach Better Sermons 2013

Preach Better Sermons 2013 Highlights

If you missed the free online Preach Better Sermons conference put on by the good people at the Rocket Company, don’t worry. I took a ton of notes. Here are a few of the nuggets I got from each speaker. Steven Furtick He plans 4 months out. The creative team does a series brief for […]

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