5 Resources Smart Pastors Use To Save Time For More Ministry

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All pastors have more work to do than time to do it. Until Jesus comes back, there will always be more ministry to do. You could always do more... sermon prep outreach phone calls emails hospital visits meetings Bible studies plus a hundred other things. You will always have more work to do than time [...]

How Much Time Should I Spend On Sermon Preparation?

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In economics, there is principle called the law of diminishing returns. Put simply, the law states that after reaching a certain threshold, the input yields less output than before. For example, imagine you own a busy coffee shop. You find that one employee can make say 25 cups of coffee per hour. You hire another [...]

9 Things Pastors Need to Know About Sermon Delivery

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Effective preaching is more than just about what you say. It’s also about how you say it. Too many sermons fail not because of bad content, but because of bad delivery. Nobody how experienced you are, you should never stop learning. You should always be a student of sermon delivery because there is always room [...]

7 Reasons Jesus Might Be Fired From Your Church

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Some pastors get fired for a good reason. They had a moral failing and no longer lived up to the requirements of 1 Tim 3:1-7. But I've known a lot of faithful men and women working in churches who were let go for lesser reasons. They... Didn't grow the ministry fast enough. Didn't fit a specific [...]