The Christmas Truce

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Jesus is the common thread that unites all believers. One of the great beauties of the gospel is the way that it welcomes all believers—regardless of race, nationality, language, social status, or background—into one Christian family. There may be no greater example of this than the true story of The Christmas Truce of 1914: World [...]

Let Scripture Speak for Itself

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Photo Credit: Daniel Y. Go via Compfight cc A while back I visited a church in my area (I love sitting in on other churches to observe and learn). The pastor was a great preacher. His sermon was engaging, clear, and spot on. However, I walked away feeling a little uneasy. This may [...]

6 Principles of Sticky Sermons

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Photo Credit: medically_irrelevant via Compfight cc What makes a sticky sermon? What makes a message have staying power? As preachers, it should be our goal to teach sticky messages. We want our audience to remember the sermon. Nobody wants to spend hours every week to prepare a message that nobody remembers. So, what [...]

My Epic Husband Fail

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The other day I failed miserably as a husband. I didn’t try to. In fact, I was actually trying to be an awesome husband. But it completely blew up in my face. My wife, who was 6 months pregnant at the time, was having a tough day. Our baby boy was really starting to move [...]

VIDEO: The Secret Structure of All Great Talks

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What do all of the greatest talks in history have in common? In this TED video, Nancy Duarte explains her findings in analyzing the greatest talks in history. She came up with a simple form that all great presentations have. Every public speaker should watch this. Can’t see the video? Click this link. NOTES: The [...]