5 Things Great Preachers Do To Gain An Advantage

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We look at the preaching giants of history in awe and wonder. How did they do it? They speak with golden tongues, dispensing endless pearls of wisdom. It’s almost like they could do no wrong—like they could fart on stage and three people would give their lives to Christ! Why can’t we preach like that? [...]

Why Pastors Should Go On More Walks

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Photo Credit: _Hadock_ via Compfight cc Many pastors have a sitting problem. We sit 90% of the day. We sit while writing sermons. We sit while answering email. We sit while making phone calls. We sit in meetings. We sit while counseling people. We sit at restaurants. We sit driving to work. We [...]

7 Facebook Tips for Pastors

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Facebook is kind of a big deal. Pastors cannot afford to ignore it. You know how I know Facebook has taken over the world? My Mom uses it. Facebook started as a college thing. Then it became popular with high schoolers. But suddenly moms, dads, and grandmothers are all over Facebook. Chances are, most of [...]

The Secret to Winning Time Management

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Do you want to increase your productivity, simplify your life and get more done? Great, me too! On a quest to improve my time management skills, I discovered a few things I want to share with you. Most people (myself included) fail at time management because they approach it the entirely wrong way. We think [...]