The Free Church Sermon Series Graphics Toolkit

Art Gallery InteriorWe live in a highly visual society. The images you use for your sermons speak volumes about your message and your church. Outdated art says that you have an outdated message. But quality art draws people in.

Problem: You want quality art for your next sermon series, but you have zero budget. You don’t have a staff member that even understands graphic design. Maybe you don’t even have an artistic bone in your body.

Don’t sweat it! You don’t have to settle for bad design ever again!

There are many awesome churches that are giving away all of their artwork for FREE! Here are links to the best Church sermon art that I have found.

Free Series Graphics

Resources.ElevationChurch – Free series graphics from the creative minds at Elevation Church in North Carolina. (kids and adults).

Open – A ministry of – the church that started the trend of generously giving everything away. (kids, students, adults and more)

Seeds – Resources from Church on the Move in Oklahoma.

NewSpring Resources – Great series art from NewSpring Church in South Carolina.

Stuff I Can Use – Free series graphics from the students and young adult ministries at Southeast Christian Church in Kentucky.

NLC Creative – Good stuff from creative team at New Life Church in Arkansas.

CCV Resources – Free graphic resources from Christ’s Church of the valley in Arizona.

Vintage Church Resources – Resources from Vintage Church in Texas.

Creation Swap – Not everything on Creation Swap is free, but they do have a gallery of free stuff you can pick through.

Open Resources – is a solid collection of free resources from various churches.

Free Custom Designs

If you are looking for free custom designs for your next big sermon series, don’t get stuck thinking you have to pay for it. There are two ways to get quality custom designs without spending money.

  1. See if there is a graphic design professional attending your church. Ask if they would be willing to volunteer their gift.

  2. Ask art students. Graphic design is a booming profession. There are thousands of young art students waiting to break into the industry.

Find nearby college with a graphic design program. Contact the teachers. Tell them you have a project that you would love to give to a student to help build their portfolio. You could even make it a competition. Best design gets used in your church, on your website, and in print or online advertising with credit to the artist.

Give them a detailed description of the series, specifications for the size and use of the design, and the general mood or idea you would like the design to portray. You will be shocked at the quality work you will get back.

You get a free custom design (plus free exposure for your church at the school), they get experience to add to their resume. It’s a win-win situation.

No Money, No Problem

Just because you don’t have a budget doesn’t mean you cannot still have professional quality series art.

Use the free resources available and get creative. Whatever you do, please stop using clip art and other horrible art.

Question: Did I miss any good websites? Comment below and I will add them to the list.


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