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Pro Preacher is a site dedicated to helping you preach better.

Preaching is one of the most important elements of a church. Studies have shown that 90% of church visitors decide whether or not to return to based only on the preacher.

This makes preaching your most important job as a pastor.

How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them? (Romans 10:14 NIV)

You are a steward of the Word of God. The Bible is clear that at the end of our lives, we will all be held accountable for the words we spoke (James 3:1). Preaching is not a calling to be taken lightly.

Pro Preacher exists to provides tools and tips focused on helping every pastor become the best preacher they can be so that the Church can reach more people for Jesus.

Your age or experience level doesn’t matter. We can all learn to preach better.

The Book

Preaching Nuts & Bolts: Conquer Sermon Prep, Save Time, and Write Better Messages

About Me

Hey, I’m Brandon

I am a pastor, the founder of ProPreacher.com, and author of Preaching Nuts & Bolts: Conquer Sermon Prep, Save Time, and Write Better Messages.

Over the last decade, I have had the privilege to work in churches of all different sizes, from a brand-new church plant to some of the largest and fastest growing churches across the country.

I currently live in Arizona with my high school sweetheart, Taryn, who has been gracious enough to stay married to me after ten crazy, but awesome years. I am a very proud father of my beautiful daughter, Ashlyn, and my son, Jaxon.

I graduated from Grand Canyon University with a Bachelor degree in Christian studies and am working to finish a Masters in Biblical and Theological Studies from Phoenix Seminary.

I love all sports, especially football. I’m a huge Green Bay Packer fan. And, yes, I do own a cheesehead. I also love music, books, and coffee.

Most of all, I love preaching. I have been on a lifelong journey to become the best preacher I can possibly be.

I have preached multiple sermons a week for years. I have worked in different churches absorbing everything I could. I have read every preaching book, blog post and article I can get my hands on. I listened to thousands of sermons. And I’m still learning.

In November of 2012, I started this blog about preaching to write my thoughts from this journey and decided to name it ProPreacher.com. Then I told no one.

I didn’t tell anyone because, honestly, I was afraid what people might think. But I also wanted to see if what I wrote would even resonate with people.

I didn’t want people to visit my blog because they knew me or I asked them to. I wanted people to come because the content was so compelling and helpful that they wanted to come back for more.

To my surprise, people showed up, came back, and shared it with their friends.

I am blown away by the fact that the ideas and principles I have learned and shared on ProPreacher.com have been read by thousands of pastors around the world.

I don’t pretend to be the world’s foremost preaching guru. I still have a lot to learn. However, my hope is that the things I have learned and continue to learn will help you as much as they have helped me.

Thanks for taking this ride with me.

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