The Jesus-Inspired Morning Routine That Changed My Life

jesus inspired morning routine

What’s your morning routine?

You have one whether you plan it or not.

Morning used to be the worst part of my day. My alarm would go off, I’d hit snooze, but soon the kids would barge in wanting breakfast.

I’d look at the clock, realize how late we were, and panic.

My kids need to be dressed, fed, and off to school. If we didn’t hurry, my wife and I would be late for work. And heaven forbid there be any traffic because I had an early meeting and no time to spare.

After work, I’d hurry home to help with dinner, take my kids to their activities, help with homework, and then put the kids in bed. Then, my wife and I would talk for a bit or stay up too late watching Netflix together before we passed out, exhausted.

The next day would be the same thing all over again. I couldn’t keep doing this.

But one day a Bible verse about Jesus changed my life. I’d read it countless of times before, but never put it to the test.habi

“Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where he prayed” (Mark 1:35).

I always say that I want to be more like Jesus, but Jesus was a morning person. I was a stay up late and hit the snooze button three times person.

Did Jesus know something I didn’t? It was worth a try.

I noticed that Jesus did three things that I didn’t do:

  1. Jesus got up early, before the sun. I got up late, cursing the sun.
  2. Jesus left the house and walked somewhere. I drove everywhere.
  3. Jesus spent time with God alone. My kids never left me alone.

So I wrote out a little plan that was easy to remember and follow. Then, I set my phone alarm for 5:30 am and went to bed early.

It was hard to wake up the first few mornings, but I felt the difference almost immediately.

I wasn’t stressed. I wasn’t yelling, “Kids, hurry! We’re late!” I had plenty of time.

Soon I noticed that I had more energy, felt better, and was getting more done every day.

Plus, my wife keeps saying how much happier I seem and how much smoother our family runs. And you know what they say: Happy wife, happy life.

So here’s the morning routine I now follow.

Morning REPS (30-60 minutes)

Every morning, I wake up at 5:30 am (before my kids get up at 6:30), and do what I call my “Morning REPs.”

It’s a simple acronym for my routine: Read, Exercise, Pray, Shower. It helps me remember my focus of wanting to be more like Jesus every day because training requires daily reps.

The order I follow is more like ERPS, but that’s not a word.

Here’s how it breaks down for me.

  • Read (10-20 Minutes): Jesus spent time alone with God. Part of spending time with God involves hearing from God. So I read my Bible every day. In a few minutes a day, I read the whole Bible every year.
  • Exercise (10-15 Minutes): Jesus left the house. Now, I don’t know if this was for exercise purposes. He walked everywhere. But since I drive everywhere, my exercise was lacking. So, I leave my house like Jesus every morning and go for a quick run. My goal is a mile a day. If I pushed for more, I would burn myself out and tempted to quit. One mile every day is far better than three miles only one day. And because of this discipline, I lost weight and have more energy to attack the day. (Time: 10-15 Minutes)
  • Pray (5-15 Minutes): Jesus prayed in solitude. So I spend time every morning alone with God in prayer. Praying before my kids wake up affords me the solitude that I need to focus on God.
  • Shower (5-10 Minutes): I don’t know if Jesus washed every morning, but I sweat a lot after a run. I need to shower before anyone is unfortunate enough to smell me. So I take a quick, cold shower because (1) it helps me stop sweating and (2) I read that cold showers help energize you and make you more alert.

I need my morning REPS. It was hard at first, but now it’s a habit. I crave this time.

Jesus knew what he was doing, and I’ve never been disappointed by imitating him.

Mornings have gone from the worst to the best part of my day.

12 Morning Challenge

If this resonates with you, here’s my challenge: follow Jesus’ example for the next 12 days (because twelve is a good biblical number).

Get up early, go for a walk (or run), and spend time alone with God.

Follow my Morning REPS, or do whatever works for you. I guarantee you’ll feel the difference.

You will be less stressed, more energized, and more devoted to walking daily with Jesus.

If you take the 12 Morning Challenge, let me know. I’d love to hear about your experience!


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