Dear Christians, Please Stop The Angry Social Media Comments

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With the advent of social media, I’ve seen the problem grow. Someone posts a link to an article, and without fail, some “Christian” leaves a negative comment. A few weeks ago I wrote an article about how to preach in a way that people will want to come back to your church. Immediately, a Christian [...]

ProPreacher’s Top Posts of 2016

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Wow, 2016 is almost over. Can you believe it? I want to thank each and every one of you for making 2016 such an amazing year at ProPreacher. This site would not be possible without the support of readers like you. When I started ProPreacher back in 2012, I had no idea that anyone would [...]

Why You Need a Sermon Calendar, and How to Make One

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Listen, if you want to be an effective preacher, you need a sermon calendar. You might get away with winging it for a while, but eventually, you will either burn out or fail to reach your God-given potential. If you still need convincing, here are four reasons you need an annual preaching calendar, and how [...]

Get This Great 2017 Sermon Calendar

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As a new pastor, the weight of weekly sermon preparation crushed me. I had preached a few sermons here and there before, but preaching every single week was terrifying. If I had not taken action to get organized, I would never have made it. The Problem One of the most difficult tasks for pastors is [...]

The Best Microphone for Preaching

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What is the best microphone for preaching? I once preached a sermon that I thought was one of my best yet. But then I watched the recording. I was horrified! My mic popped and hissed throughout the entire message. It was distracting and embarrassing. Has this ever happened to you? A great sermon can be [...]

The New Logos 7 Bible Software – Is It Right For You?

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If you want a powerful Bible study tool, there is nothing better than Logos. Years ago, if you wanted to do serious Bible study they had two options: Go to the library at a seminary or Bible college. Buy bookshelves and tons of physical books to build your own personal library. The problem was that [...]