My Epic Husband Fail

The other day I failed miserably as a husband.

I didn’t try to. In fact, I was actually trying to be an awesome husband. But it completely blew up in my face.

My wife, who was 6 months pregnant at the time, was having a tough day. Our baby boy was really starting to move and kick in her womb. Apparently, the little guy had been playing a drum solo on her rib cage all day, using her bladder for the kick drum.

So I decided super husband would swoop in to save the day.

I went out and grabbed take-out from her favorite restaurant. I picked up some Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream (also her favorite). Then, I stopped at a Red Box machine to grab a couple movies – a chick flick for her and a sci-fi movie for me.

The whole time I’m thinking, “Dang I’m good! She is going to love me for this! Husband of the year, right here!”

So I went home and surprised her with dinner, dessert, and movies. She was ecstatic! I felt like a winner… well… until we got to the second movie.

Not knowing anything other than that a friend said it was good, I had rented the movie Prometheus. Nobody warned me that it was part of the Alien series!

Needless to say, part-way into the movie, when an alien baby started ripping its way out of the stomach of a poor woman, my wife was not very happy with me!

Here is a piece of wisdom: Don’t ever watch an Aliens movie with a pregnant woman. Ever! It might be funny to you, but not so much for her.

Why am I telling you this: 1. It’s funny (now), and 2. I got permission to use it as a sermon illustration.

People laughed, but, more importantly, they saw that their pastor is human.

Preach Your Failures

I make mistakes just like everyone else. Contrary to popular belief, I don’t have any super pastor powers. I am just another sinner in need of a savior like everyone else.

Let your people know you are human. Admit your mistakes. It might be scary at first. You will have to set your ego aside. But I promise you this, your people will follow you even more for it.

Nobody wants to listen to a fake preacher who pretends everything in their life is perfect. They want someone real – someone they can relate to. They want to hear your struggles, fears, and failures.

In a sick way, it is reassuring to know that you fail too.

You would be surprised how many people came up to me afterwards and told me about a similar mistake.

Preach your failures. Be transparent. Be real.

QUESTION: What failures have you preached?

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