If You Aren’t Preaching Jesus, You Aren’t Done Preaching

Charles Spurgeon Quote Is your preaching Jesus-centered?

Charles Spurgeon once said about his preaching,

“Whatever subject I preach, I do not stop until I reach the Savior, the Lord Jesus, for in Him are all things.”

If your sermon never points to Jesus it’s not sermon; it’s just a talk. It is incomplete.

Many pastors stand before a crowd and talk. They make some great points. They tell some good stories. They keep people interested and coming back for more. But do they preach Christ?

Social justice without Jesus is just a cause. Repentance without the cross is just religion.

Jesus, Himself, explained that all scripture points to Him. (Luke 24:27)

Jesus is the point. Therefore, without Jesus, we miss the point.

A sermon is incomplete until it connects the topic and the text to Jesus Christ.

When preparing your sermon you must ask the question, “How does this point to Jesus?”

If you are preaching about marriage, it is a relationship symbolic of Jesus and the Church.

If you are preaching about a particular sin, it is a symptom of a world without Jesus.

If you are preaching about generosity, it is a modeling of Jesus giving His life for us.

If you are preaching about forgiveness, it is following the example of Jesus forgiving us.

If you are preaching about faith, it is complete trust in the promises of Jesus.

Does your sermon point to Christ? If not, you still have work to do.

A sermon is not finished until it points to Jesus.

It is not yet good news until you reach the Gospel.

All preaching should be Christ-centered preaching.


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  1. Jesus Saved Me 04/01/2014 at

    Here are some sermon notes…who preached it>?

    •He said the fact that we commit sin stems from hearts that don’t fear God.

    •Similarly,if man knows God he does not go near sin. This is why it is important to grow in the knowledge of God..and this happens with prayer

    •We ought to do everything in light of love and fear of God and may we have such
    Godly knowledge inside of us which helps us take away all our desire to sin.

    •Talking about love and harmony ..we out to have peace and unity in the Church. This is the teaching God gave …If you have conflict and working together, you will not be blessed.

    •Preachers Name: Caliph Mirza Masroor Ahmad

    •Born: 1950 in Pakistan

    •Claims to be the successor of the “Promised Messiah”

    •According to some estimates the total population of the of his Muslim Community worldwide is over 10 million, of whom 8,202,000 live in South Asia\
    Pastor I challenge you…are you preaching what a Muslim preaches? You see Islam promotes “good living” but as you know Christ is the ONLY way to the Father. We need to be standing on the Rock of Ages and preaching the Cross…The Cross…The Cross…
    We need to immerse ourselves in 2nd Corinthians 5:19 and discover again the Jesus who has saved us from the curse of the Law…Are you preaching Law? Well so is Caliph Ahmad…..
    You think about that!!!
    I love you all

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