The #1 Thing Young Pastors Can Do Today To Improve Their Preaching

When I first became a pastor I knew next to nothing about preaching. My first sermons were painful.

I soon realized that my Bible knowledge and education were not going to cut it alone. I needed help fast.

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Then I discovered what I am going to tell you is the number one thing young pastors can do right now – today – to get better at preaching if you aren’t doing this already.

Disclaimer: I am under the assumption that you are already pursuing a deeper relationship with God through prayer and reading scripture. This should be a given. If you are not pursuing this first, you do not belong preaching on any stage.

So – besides pray and study – what is the best thing that you can do to get better at preaching today?

Listen to great preaching!

This may seem like a no brainer for some for some of you, but how much preaching are you listening to?

The best thing you can do to get better at just about anything is to surround yourself with people who are good at it and learn from them.

A long time ago that used to mean that you had to fork over a lot of money for conferences or traveling hundreds of miles to visit different churches, but not anymore.

Podcasts are amazing and FREE!

You can attend churches around the world any time, anywhere, on your phone, iPod, computer, tablet or TV.

When I first discovered podcasts, my life changed. I searched and found as many good preachers as I could and devoured every sermon I could. In the first day I probably listened to 20 sermons. In the first week, about 100.

The more I listened, the more I learned.

I analyzed why these preachers were so compelling and dynamic. I took notes on how they brought scripture to life. I saw how they told stories and used illustrations. It was the best preaching school I could have imagined.

Sermon Podcast Listening Tips:

Subscribe to video podcasts, not just audio. Preaching is more than just an auditory experience. Good preachers Preach with their bodies as well as their mouth. Not all churches do a video podcast, but subscribe to it if they do.

Look at the iTunes Top Charts under the Christianity category. The pastors on this list are there for a reason. They are all phenomenal communicators who draw a large audience. You may not agree with all of them theologically, but thousands of people download their sermons for a reason – they are world-class speakers. Which brings me to my next point…

Subscribe to preachers from different camps. If you are a hard-core reformed guy, don’t just listen to reformed preaching. If you are charismatic, don’t just listen to charismatics. Get a healthy perspective of pastors from all different traditions and backgrounds. You will get a better picture of what works, what doesn’t, and how to make your preaching your own instead of copying everyone else in your tradition.

Find opportune times in your schedule to listen. Instead of listening to the radio in the car, I listen to preaching. I also listen when I am going for a run or doing yard work. I know you are busy, so find times to fit this habit into your schedule.

Listen in double time. Want to listen to more preaching in less time? You can listen at 2x speed. Try it out if you haven’t. You will be surprised how easily your brain adjusts to pick everything up. This makes a 60 minutes message only 30, and a 30 only 15! I bet some of your church members wish they had this option for your sermons! (I like the Down Cast app because you can listen up to 3x if you want).

Don’t listen to all of them. If you subscribe to a lot of podcasts, you will not be able to listen to all of them. That is OK. Be selective. Listen to what intrigues you and pass on others. Every once in a while I go through my podcasts and clean house because there are a lot I haven’t had time to listen to.

Don’t just listen to the most recent stuff. A lot of pastors have sermons from the early years of their ministry available. Go back and listen to their old stuff. Then listen to the new stuff. You can see how they grow and change over the years.

Who Am I Listening to Right Now?

I rotate a lot of pastors in and out of my podcast list. But as I open up my Podcast App this morning, here is the list of pastors I see:

  • Andy Stanley – North Point Community Church in Georgia
  • Matt Chandler – The Village Church in Texas
  • Todd Cook – Sagebrush Community Church in New Mexico
  • Judah Smith – The City Church in Washington
  • Leonce Crump II – Renovation Church in Georgia
  • Steven Furtick – Elevation Church in North Carolina
  • Craig Groeschel – in Oklahoma
  • Rick Warren – Saddleback Church in California
  • Don Wilson – Christ’s Church of the Valley in Arizona
  • Mark Driscoll – Mars Hill Church in Washington
  • Perry Noble – NewSpring Church in South Carolina
  • Derwin Gray – Transformation Church in South Carolina


Whether you are a young pastor or old, if you are not listening to preaching podcasts, start today. Pull up iTunes or a podcast app and start subscribing.

Start listening to good preaching on a regular basis and you will be shocked by how much your own preaching improves.


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  1. Rev. Jessie Lowry 05/01/2014 at

    where are the women preachers?

  2. Stephanie Nash 01/06/2014 at

    that and I like to go to sleep listening the audio bible by biblegateway

  3. Stephanie Nash 01/06/2014 at

    I second that…I love Daystar because it has most of the people I like and its on in the early morning whaen Im awake. Sometimes I just listen and Reflections, which is simply beautiful scenery and scripture. Great for memorization.

  4. Matthew Lloyd 11/25/2013 at

    Glad to see that I’m not the only one that devours a ton of sermons. I’m also glad to know that I’m listening to a lot of the same folks you are. Keep up the good work. I enjoy reading your posts.

    • Brandon 11/25/2013 at

      Thanks Matthew. Glad to hear you are enjoying my posts.

      Always glad to meet a fellow sermon junkie 🙂

  5. Bryson 11/23/2013 at

    Hi Brandon.

    I posted this message earlier but it looks like it got taken down. So this is round two.

    I need your help,

    I really want to listen to your sermons. I want to see how you’ve incorporated the things you blog about. I mean after all you told us all to listen to great preachers, so I’m certain we all can learn many things from you. I bet there is plenty of your sermons online that I can learn from, so where can I find them?

    If you there isn’t any archives of your past sermons, maybe, there are some of your guest appearances at other churches online.

    So where can I find your sermons online?

    Thanks for your help.

    • Brandon 11/23/2013 at

      Strange that your comment wasn’t appearing for a while. Let’s continue this conversation via email. Please shoot me a message at Brandon[at] so we can talk more

  6. Bryson 11/23/2013 at

    Hi Brandon.

    I need your help.

    I really want to listen to your sermons. I want to hear how you’ve incorporated the things you blog about. I bet you have tons of stuff online that I can learn from. You speak as if your an old timer so you might not have all your work online but surely you have your guest appearances recorded.

    Where can I find them.

    Thanks for your help.

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