The Best iPhone Apps for Pastors 2

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An updated and revised version of this list that combines both part 1 and part 2, can be found here.

Yesterday I wrote Part 1 of my list of favorite iPhone apps that I use as a pastor. Today I finish up with Part 2.

Note: The links are affiliate links, which means I get a small commission on products sold at no cost to you. I barely make any money from this. It is just a tiny way to help cover the cost of keeping this blog running. I will also never recommend a product I don’t use. So if you click a link, thanks for the support!

These are some more of my favorite apps, in no particular order:

HootSuitThis app (and the website version) schedule all of my Facebook posts for my ministry’s Facebook page. I sit down once a week and write all the posts I want to go out that week. HootSuit allows me to schedule posts for specific dates and times. I no longer have to remember to log into Facebook at just the right time on the right day to get a message out. Hootsuit has increased the activity and likes on my church’s Facebook page and takes a lot less time and effort. Win!

Presentation Clock – I speak a lot in an environment with no clock. Rather than bringing in a big clock and mounting it in the back of the room, I use Presentation Clock. I set the length of time I have to speak, then I place it on a stand next to my Bible. It counts down the time remaining and changes colors to warn you when you need to start wrapping things up. This app has helped me keep my sermons short and to the point. Plus I have never heard anyone complain about a preacher for finishing preaching on time, but I have heard plenty of complaints about going too long. (If your pastor preaches way too long, you may want to gift him this app!)

WordPress I use the WordPress app to manage my blog on the go. I mostly use it to track stats and monitor comments. I prefer writing posts on my laptop. If you are considering starting a blog, you have to go with WordPress.

Nike+ Running It’s important to stay healthy spiritually as well as physically. This is the most popular running app on iTunes for a reason. It uses GPS to track how far you run and monitors your pace. You can also see a map of the exact route you run.

5K Runner I am using this app to help train for a 5K. It’s like having a personal coach in your pocket. I put in headphones, turn on the Nike+ app, play my running playlist on Spotify, and then start up 5k Runner. It then tells you when to walk and when to run. It takes all the thinking out of training. Just turn it on and do what it says.

Instagram I have fallen in love with using Instagram to share pictures of my family or church events on Facebook and Twitter. It is a simple but powerful tool to edit and share photos. There is a reason Facebook bought this company for $1 billion! I really enjoy playing with filters and blur effects to make my pics look awesome.

iTunes U Anyone who doesn’t take advantage of this is crazy. I can sit in on college classes in the best schools in our nation for FREE! If you cannot afford the time or money to go back to school, why not do it free? You won’t get the diploma but you will still get the knowledge. All pastors should be good managers of their own finances. I use Love how it automatically tracks debit and credit card purchases and then categorizes them into your budget for you. Takes all tedious data entry out of keeping a budget. Best of all, it’s free!

Logos Bible Software – Whether you have purchased their awesome study library or not, you should get the Logos Bible app. This app is great for digging deeper into scripture. You can do Greek or Hebrew word studies, or if you have purchased any of the Logos Software (which I recommend) you can read books from your library such as commentaries, bible dictionaries and more. Very handy for sermon research on the go.

There you have it. Hope you find some of these apps useful.


What am I missing? Are there any apps you would you add to this list? I would love to know what is working for you!


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